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.: Q3 2009: sportlog


Badminton: 1,5 hours
Cycling: 3.002,5 km
Cyclosimulator: 2.205 km
MTB: 283,0 km
Road: 514,5 km

.: Q2 2009: sportlog


Badminton: 5,0 hours
Cycling: 2.319,5 km
Cyclosimulator: 2.040 km
MTB: 279,5 km
Road: 0 km

.: Q1 2009: sportlog


Badminton: 8,5 hours
Cycling: 2.152,5 km
Cyclosimulator: 1.995 km
MTB: 157,5 km
Road: 0 km

.: 7 january 2009: I've sold my Cube Reaction Race line MTB

After 2 years and 8 months of good service I sold my Cube Reaction Race Line.  It was a good bike and after so many years and kms still it pretty good condition.  But I was building up a Scott Scale to replace the Cube and the Scott is finished now.  So I replaced all of the worn parts, did a last test-trip and sold it.  In the condition in which it was the new owner will have many more years of fun with it.

.: Q4 and yeartotal 2008: sportlog


Badminton: 3,5 hours
Cycling: 2.188,5 km
Cyclosimulator: 1.873 km
MTB: 315,5 km
Road: 0 km

Total for 2008:

Badminton: 19,5 hours
Cycling: 8.350 km
Cyclosimulator: 6.465,5 km
MTB: 1107,5 km
Road: 777 km

.: Q3 2008: sportlog


Badminton: 2 hours
Cycling: 3.033,5 km
Cyclosimulator: 1.910 km
MTB: 397,5 km
Road: 726 km

.: Q2 2008: sportlog


Badminton: 9,5 hours
Cycling: 1.918 km
Cyclosimulator: 1.500 km
MTB: 367 km
Road: 51 km

.: Q1 2008: sportlog


Badminton: 4,5 hours
Cycling: 1.210 km
Cyclosimulator: 1.182,5 km
MTB: 27,50 km
Road: 0 km

.: Q4 and yeartotal 2007: sportlog


Badminton: 9 hours
Cycling: 1.065 km
Cyclosimulator: 1.033 km
MTB: 32 km
Road: 0 km

Total for 2007:

Badminton: 22 hours
Cycling: 5.020 km
Cyclosimulator: 4.599,5 km
MTB: 310,5 km
Road: 110 km

.: Q3 2007: sportlog


Badminton: 2 hours
Cycling: 0 km
Cyclosimulator: 0 km
MTB: 0 km
Road: 0 km

.: Q2 2007: sportlog


Badminton: 2 hours
Cycling: 1.070 km
Cyclosimulator: 730,5 km
MTB: 229,5 km
Road: 110 km

.: Q1 2007: sportlog


Badminton: 9 hours
Cycling: 2.885 km
Cyclosimulator: 2.836 km
MTB: 49 km
Road: 0 km

.: Q4 and yeartotal 2006: sportlog


Badminton: 9 hours
Cycling: 3.161 km
Cyclosimulator: 2.859,5 km
MTB: 301,5 km
Road: 0 km

Total for 2006:

Badminton: 26 hours
Cycling: 8.100 km
Cyclosimulator: 7.128,5 km
MTB: 916,5 km
Road: 55 km

.: 16 october 2006: I've sold my Scott Yecora MTB

With pain in the heart I've sold my Scott Yecora.  Since I never really used it for mountainbiking it was as good as new.  But with all my recent purchases I had just too many bikes and had to let one go.

.: Q3 2006: sportlog


Badminton: 1 hour
Cycling: 2.300 km
Cyclosimulator: 1.941 km
MTB: 304 km
Road: 55 km

.: 5 september 2006: a new Scott MTB frame    

From the moment I had finished assembling my Ridley Icarus I also wanted to assemble a new MTB myself.  It had to be a hardtail and the brand of the frame had to be Scott, Cube or Specialized.  As I try to follow a certain color scheme the choice in colors was already decided.  After some days I found a nice, new Scott Racing Pro Limited (2004 model), all silver with black and yellow details.

Construction paint

.: 2 august 2006: the Ridley Icarus is ready

On 29 may 2006 I bought a new race frame.  Although I bought it brand new from a shop it's an older model (2005).  The reason why I bought this was because it had the right colors, it was the brand I wanted, it was the kind of frame I wanted and last but not least the price was OK.  

Because I was searching for the best parts at the best price it took some time to gather all parts.  The last parts arrived on 24 july 2006 and on 2 august 2006 the bike was completely assembled.

.: Q2 2006: sportlog


Badminton: 4 hours
Cycling: 2.050 km
Cyclosimulator: 1.714 km
MTB: 336 km
Road: 0 km

.: 1 april 2006: I've bought a second hand Cube MTB

I felt the urge to start mountainbiking again and because my Scott Yecora MTB was still my "mountainbike which should not be used for mountainbiking"  I decided to search for a good second hand MTB.  

Although this would probably be a temporary bike it naturally had to answer to certain criteria such as my specific color scheme I try to follow and it should be well equipped.  After some weeks of searching on various online auction websites I found a Cube Reaction Race Line which answered to my prerequisites.  

.: Q1 2006: sportlog


Badminton: 12 hours
Cycling: 589 km
Cyclosimulator: 589 km
MTB: 0 km
Road: 0 km

.: somewhere 199x: I've bought a Scott Yecora MTB

The first bike I bought myself.  It was rather expensive and therefor I didn't dare to use it what it was ment for: mountainbiking.  It has taken years before it got scratched the first time (when falling over in the garage).
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