OpenSource alternative software

7-Zip Link
Alfresco Link
Amanda Link
Apache Link
Asterik Link
DataVision Link
Dia Link
eBox Link
FileZilla Link
FireFox Link
FreeMind Link
HeidiSQL Link
horde Link
InfraRecorder Link
Inkscape Link
Joomla! Link
Liferay Portal Link
MySQL Link
Nagios Link
NetBeans Link
Notepad++ Link
Openfiler Link
OpenLaszlo Link
OpenOffice Link
OpenProj Link
phpBB Link
Pidgin Link
Postfix Link
PostgreSQL Link
QuteCom Link
SeaMonkey Link
Snort Link
SQLledger Link
SugarCRM Link
ThunderBird Link
TOra Link
ubuntu Link
VirtualBox Link
VNC Link
WireShark Link
Xen Link
XenServer Link
The goal of this page is to give an overview of some Open Source software which should make it possible for a company to function without using commercial (and thus expensive) software.  

I'll be making a short description of each software and its functionality, if your company has a need which is not covered by this portofolio then please let me know through the "Contact us"  form.

This page is under construction so please be patient.